Build A Medical Office vs. Commercial Leasing

If you're not sure whether to lease or build for your medical office, this video provides some insight into our own experience. Find out why we decided to build our own medical office for SUPER WOMEN’S HEALTH, an integrative medicine practice in Brevard County, Florida.
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Melomind Neurofeedback EEG Relaxing Headset

Approach wellness and stress management in a revolutionary way with neuroscience. WHAT IS MELOMIND? After 3 years of research in one of the most prominent brain research institute in the world, a team of Neuro-scientists developed Melomind, a Headset + App...

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Wellness & Health Store Grand Opening in Rockledge, Viera, Melbourne FL Area

Super Life 365 is an online wellness store founded by Nurse Practitioner Karine Romain and husband Nick Romain that serves its local clientele in the Rockledge, Viera and Melbourne area but also ships nationwide. The store aims to support healthy lifestyle choices with a holistic approach to go along with our functional medicine practice.
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Drinking healthier coffee is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your wellness, performance and longevity. Introducing organic coffee crafted for health: Purity Coffee


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10 Tips to Alleviate Stress Instantly

Stress and anxiety are part of everyday life. Work, family, finance, health and other things can cause stress. The key is to manage it. Here are 10 ways to reduce stress quickly.
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