Body Composition Case Study: Slow but steady and sustainable muscle growth

It's been almost two weeks since the last body scan and the results are in:

  • 0.7 Lbs. muscle mass gained

This was achieved barely 2 weeks after the following regimen:

  • 4 reps of 30 pushups 5x a week (weekdays)
  • 1 kickboxing session of 15 minutes per week (weekend)

This may not sound like much but the key is slow and steady progress to keep it sustainable and avoid any yo-yo effect.

Some supplements (vitamin A, D, E, K, B-12, B-9 and DHEA) are taken in support but this is mostly the results of exercise.


  • Between Jan 8 and Feb 1, a total of 2.4 Lbs. of muscle mass was gained. This represents a 3.5% positive increase. Skeletal muscle mass is at an all-time high since measuring in December 2021.
  • The total weight went down slightly mostly because of less body water and mineral.
  • The body fat % increased very marginally and is still lower than the entire previous year.
  • Since the current main goal of the individual is to gain muscle mass in the upper body (chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps), progress is on track.
  • The segmental analysis shows some visceral fat needs to be lost and abdominal muscle needs to develop for better balance.

Current goal: Reach 75 Lbs. of skeletal muscle mass.

Next Goal after current goal is reached: Increase cardio and strength training to reduce visceral fat and build abs.


For those interested, we recommend scheduling a body scan composition analysis to get your baseline, then formulate a goal and a system to create new daily habits.

We hope this can help you in your quest for better health and wish you the best for 2023.
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