Happy New Year + 2021 Master Plan

Happy New Year + 2021 Master Plan

We wish you a SUPER Happy & Healthy New Year!

Please note we will be closed Thursday Dec. 31,2020 and Friday Jan. 1, 2021.

Let's kick off the new year with some fresh ideas and new goals!

Now that we are well established in the new building, our vision for 2021 is to continue to finetune our offering and come up with new tools to help you achieve your health goals.

One thing remains constant, our approach, i.e.:

  • Highly personalized
  • Preventative
  • Holistic
  • Search for root cause

Here is our 2021 Master Plan.

GOAL #1 | Targeted IV Therapy based on micronutrient/vitamin testing.

IV Therapy

Client benefit = Strengthen the immune system, recharge your mind, promote young and healthy-looking hair, skin and nails.

GOAL #2 | Digital Dashboard.


Client benefit = Visualization of metrics for easier understanding and trending. 

GOAL #3 | Practical Guide "SUPER 10" - First Principles Approach to Functional Medicine.


Client benefit = This book will be a guide for anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle. 

GOAL #4 | Recipe Book - "SUPER Dinner Menu"


Client benefit = More home cooking, less processed foods.

GOAL #5 | Revamped SuperLife365.com online store.


Client benefit = Access to a curated selection of health, wellness and fitness products. 

GOAL #6 | Seminars & Workshops


Client benefit = Education on fitness, hormone therapy, weight management, nutrition, juicing, etc. Contingent on pandemic.



#1 Continue on-going education and stay at the forefront of functional & integrative medicine. COMPLETE
#2 Complete state of the art medical office and have a full-time medical assistant. COMPLETE
#3 Offer micronutrient testing with targeted IV Therapy. INCOMPLETE
#4 Offer neuro-feedback therapy and LED light therapy. INCOMPLETE
#5 Open brick & mortar wellness & lifestyle store within the new facility. COMPLETE
#6 Offer educational seminars. DELAYED DUE TO PANDEMIC

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