Greetings!  Some reminders and news moving into 2023, plus the teaser for my very first short film featuring a soundtrack by Supernova 49.


  • To reschedule / cancel appointments: As a reminder and effective 1/1/2023, please note we will be enforcing the $50 late notice fee without the 2 business days advance notice. This is to allow us to schedule patients who are on the waiting list. Also, please TXT us at 321.395.5529 instead of calling whenever possible.
  • Lab orders for Quest: Please note you may have to check-in at Quest using capital letters when you enter your name in order to be found in their system.
  • Tele-medicine option: Just a reminder that virtual consultations are available in case you are not able to come to the office or if you are sick.
  • Secure TXT and Emails expire after 48 hours. If there is a document (scripts, orders, results, etc.), we recommend downloading the document when you receive the TXT or Email to ensure it is on your phone or computer. If 48 hours have passed and the link expired, simply call 321-895-3017 or TXT us 321-395-5529 to ask for the link to be resent.
  • Due to max capacity, we are still not accepting new patients.
  • Prescription refills: Please reach out to your pharmacy to initiate any Rx refill requests.
  • Best ways to contact us:
    • Tel: 321.895.3017
    • General, non-secure TXT: 321.395.5529
    • Secure TXT: Available upon request (call or send a TXT to the above number)
    • Fax: 321.286.0510
    • Secure Patient Fusion portal: Available upon request if you don't already have access.
  • Updated business hours for 2023:
    • MON: 8am - 1pm
    • TUE: 8am - 5pm
    • WED8am - 5pm
    • THU8am - 5pm
    • FRI: Closed to the public

Sci-Fi Short Film - CAELUM

Teaser Featuring Music by SUPERNOVA 49

Two of my passions are good cinema and music. With that, I've always wanted to do a short film and produce some ambient music to fit the fictional narrative.

Well, this is the teaser for "CAELUM", my first short film. There will be several chapters throughout 2023. Chapter one is called "Transmission" and is scheduled to be released in March.

The title "Caelum" is the name of one of the characters. It was the god of the sky in Roman mythology.

If you like a nice intrigue, ambient music and want to support my work, be sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons.

Supernova 49 music insight:

My approach to music is always fairly minimalistic with the goal to get lost in space and time as if it was a dream. For this track, I went for multilayered sound landscapes and bright melodies and arpeggios.



Venu® 2 Plus - ECG App

The ECG app is an FDA-cleared app for the Venu 2 Plus smartwatch that allows you to record your heart rhythm and check for signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib) anytime, anywhere. You can use the ECG app to record a 30-second ECG and view your heart rhythm results immediately on the watch or, optionally, later in the Garmin Connect™ smartphone app.

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ECG App PDF - More Info

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