How to easily build muscle mass and track your progress with body composition analysis

Greetings and Happy New Year!

To kick off the year, we wanted to show an example of how easy it is to make progress towards being fit and feeling great.

Thanks to body composition analysis, the real case example below shows:

  • 1.7 Lbs. muscle mass gained
  • 0.9 Lbs. body fat lost

This was achieved just 2 weeks after the following regimen:

  • 3 reps of 30 pushups 5x a week (weekdays)
  • 2 kickboxing sessions of 15 minutes per week (weekend)

Some supplements (vitamin A, D, E, K, B-12, B-9 and DHEA) are taken in support but this is mostly the results of exercise. The trend lines for muscle mass and body fat were headed in the wrong direction until this daily regimen was started. This goes to show that a little daily effort goes a long way. The key is commitment and consistency.

body-composition-analysis-scan-result-sheetFor those interested, we recommend a body scan composition analysis to get your baseline, then formulate a goal and a system to create new daily habits.

You can track your results using an app like LOOP HABIT TRACKER for Android or the equivalent on iOS.  It is free to download. There is no account to create and all your data is stored locally to respect your privacy. It is extremely simple and easy to use.

lose-weight-with-daily-pushups lose-weight-with-kickboxing
We hope this can help you in your quest for better health and wish you the best for 2023.

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