Anti-Stress Cinematic Music | Supernova 49 Composed by Nick Romain

Music is Therapy!

Welcome to Supernova 49. Here we post one track each month starting in January 2022. Our goal is to produce music that helps our patients relax. Listening to soothing, ambient music is listed as #4 tip on our previous article "10 Tips To Alleviate Stress Instantly".

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the sound.

January 2022 | "The Launch" by Supernova 49

“The Launch” is my first jab at creating ambient music with a sci fi and cinematic feel. There will be many more as I continue to learn music with the goal to have a full album by end of 2022. My music is intended to tell a story, which I will reveal at some later point. For now, let your mind wander and hopefully, this can help you unwind and destress. My equipment is simple, yet sufficient for now: I use Ableton Live, a Novation keyboard, a laptop, an audio interface, and some good audio monitors. I plan on incorporating some electric guitar sound design later to mix synth and organic.

February 2022 | "Arrival" by Supernova 49

“Arrival” is the second track of my new ambient music album. I worked on a specific sound design to give the fictional universe a very large-scale feel. The use of few and sustained notes convey a sense of calm.

March 2022 | "First Encounter" by Supernova 49

“First Contact” is track #3 of my new ambient music album. It starts slow but builds tension gradually with powerful bass. I found some cool copyright-free and royalty-free footage on Pexels and stitched together in Hitfilm.

April 2022 | "Into The Forest" by Supernova 49

"Into the Forest" is outside of the first album. It was made specifically for our patients. It features Karine doing a Qi Gong session. It is meant to show an example of active meditation with martial arts as a way to manage stress. Whether it's martial arts, yoga, jogging on the beach or hitting the gym, the point is to exercise to not only get physically fit but also emotionally strong.

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